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Hey Bucky
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Keep your friggin' ebike off my trails!
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I'm not sure how well the ebike does on trails, I use it to buzz around town.

It's much heavier than my peddle-cycle. I can pick up my regular bike with one hand. Ebike is a two hand lift. The ebike with the battery and rear motor easily adds at least an extra 30 lbs. Both have Al frames but I'm guessing the ebike has thicker walls for the tubing to carry the extra weight. It would probably be just fine for open and groomed trails but I wouldn't want to take it on rugged trails.

My peddle cycle is an old Jamis Dakar that I picked up used from some old guy in town who's hobby is to buy, refurbish, and sell bikes out of his garage. I think I gave him $125 for it. Back in the day (late 90's ?), when the Dakar was new it was a $2k bike.

This is the Jamis bike I have but without the after market front suspension/forks and with different shifters.

Originally I was gonna convert this one into an e-bike. Bought the pieces parts separately but when I started to try to convert it over, the battery pack and controller and stuff wouldn't fit the footprint on the frame due to the rear shock thingy. I tried to modify it and force it to work but ended up punting.
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Based on the video you posted, it supports the idea that crippled old men with ailing joints who want to still bike around should buy an ebike.
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Who you calling crippled? I’ m just a little slowed at this point but yeah after riding my older brother’s it does seem this could be in my future.

Prolly would get a Mtn model instead of street. Up here in the mountains there are lots of trails that are cut for fire suppression and also an abandoned rail line turned into recreation that would be perfect.
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Punters rarely get a field goal.
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Bucky got his electric unicycle working?

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