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Noob question from a non-noob
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#1 Posted:
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Can you use PG solution with beads? I use one of those biga$$ Humi Care EH humidifiers in my cabinet, but even using PG in it, I'm still getting some mold on the green foam. So I ordered some beads to see how they do.
Sunoverbeach Offline
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Assuming you're referring to the Heartfelt or similar type beads and not the crystal/gel type, then distilled water should be used I believe
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I've heard PG can cause a metallic taste in cigars, so I stopped using it and use only distilled water.
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Ditch that PG chit and foam
You want easy?
Beads and Bovedas together.
Once set up, almost maintenance free.
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^thats what I want to do I’m still too confused about the beads. I’m not sure why it’s confusing for me but it is.
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But yeah I don’t use pg stuff My desktop that I smoke from I put a water bottle cap in that I refill with just water. No foam no anything
In the winter it requires a second cap full of water. They just sit in there upside down and act like a little water bowl

If you’re running a wooden cabinet you may be able to try a cup of tray of some sort with the sponge sitting directly in the water Seems like the surface area of exposed water is what will get humidity approximately where I want it in the smaller scale with desktop. Pretty sure it could work on a larger cabinet
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use boveda, preferably in airtight container. nothing else works as well in varying climates
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