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Our Great Democracy!
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The way I understand it, nothing like this has happened since 1888 (Rutherford B. Hayes) where the candidate with the Popular Vote may lose to the candidate who won the Electorial College. It's kind of disturbing to me, no mater who that may be. Be it Democrat or Republican or whatever, the people got out in record numbers (biggest in 20+ years) and the candidate who won the most votes from 'we, the people', may lose to the Electorial College. You have to remember (political science students) the the Electorial College came about a couple of hundred years ago, as sort of a compromise, because people back then didn't trust the new democracy. It was a way of keeping part of the British tradition (where Parliment decides who the 'leader' is going to be). It's antiquated, and should be abolished! I don't know if everyone realizes this ... but we all vote, and sometimes it doesn't mean anything. Our House of Representatives along with Congress get together on December 18 to 'really' decide who the Presisent is going to be ... and they don't have to vote along their party lines. If they decide that the candidate who has the most votes from the people should be president, they can do that. It's never been an issue before, and we are unaware of it, because the Popular Vote usually follows the Electorical College, and this is the first time in American history that there has ever been a race this close. It also bothers me that not one of the men running stood for anything. When it comes down to hundreds of votes, out of millions of people, on who is going to be our next President ... it just shows me how divided our country really is ... it's never happened like this before in American history ... there was alway one candidate that the majority of people could stand behind!
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Good points, Slim, but there are some holes in your arguments to abolish the electoral process. First of all, the population is increasing faster in the major cities than elsewhere. So a few cities like L.A. and NYC could potentially dictate the candidate. Secondly, the Electorial votes WITHIN EACH STATE do vote via the popular vote within that particular state. Instead of removing the current process, we need to modify it. Look at Florida. The popular vote will be decided by about 1000 votes out of over 6 million cast. Yet all 25 electorials go to one party. This "all or nothing" method is obviously not the best way. Look at Pennsylvania: That state is primarily Republican with the exception of Philly. Yet the Philly voters swayed the tally in favor of the democrats! This is fun stuff, and I believe the system is not antiquated, but rather our forefathers had a lot of insight when it was devised. Now is the time to MODIFY, not abolish the process, so the "middle" states have a say just like the populus in California and New York. If the electorials change their vote, then the whole process is out of whack. Which votes would move from Rep to Dem? Couldn't some of the other Democratic states also vote Republican? I'm all for a "better" system, but it should be based on the current one. We have the most freedom of any country in the world, and it is due solely to our forefathers. We have to keep that in mind.
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Good Post Slim!!! and Great Points to Ponder Gator!!!
Mending the Electorial College Vote per State per Capita and Such.. Now who would you elect that is office Right now to Do such a thing?? I think after this elecetion is Decided as now the House and the Senate are Both Split evenly down the Middle if i'm not mistakin?? Now would be a Good time to have an Amendment on this to Adjust the Process.... And Esspecially Since this Election Woke up a Whole lot of Folks out there!!!!
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Regardless as to whether the Electoral Vote should be done away with or modified the popular vote dictates which candidate gets that states votes whether it be 3 or 54 like CA. Essentially one state can be a pivotal point and decide what will be rather than what should have been by most popular votes. Essentially most states in your favor equals a win..........not always but most often. Let it be and accept defeat with honor and dignity and alow the new blood to rule. To me this is the voice of the people when you have won more states regardless of size or population. Remember, it is a separation of state and federal government for state to rule as it see's fit w/out over bounding and discriminating one's rights. If you win more states then the true effect should be a win and historically is. It is states that stand alone as individual people of 50 against the federal government who stand as one. Therfore the masses have spoken w/out letting population being a offset factor.
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Well I may stand alone on this matter but I have to tell you guys.The ol boys 200+ years ago were a hell of a lot smarter and PATRIOTIC than anyone we have in our government today.Who would you have rewrite the Constitution,the bill of rights TODAY huh?Yeah its happened 4 times in 200 years and there is a reason.I for one don't want,god forbid California ( where I live now)or new york telling the people in the mid west or east who should be president and how they should run they're state.Look at the map GW has taken 29 no 30 states.If it aint broke don't fix it.I'd just as soon leave the Constitution alone,it is not as Gore would have you believe a living document to be changed at the whim of the majority at the moment,it is and ALWAYS will be the greatest document ever written.......,The laws they pass today only restrict freedom period.A government thats big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it all away,and they will eventually.the demo-sociocrats have been doing it a little at a time for years.Well thats enough for now.Let me know how you feel.
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