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Ralph Nader........thank you!
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I want to humbly thank Mr. Nader for his help in this election and his valuable aid given to the Bush Campaign. We must admit as Republicans that his involvement in running swaded votes that would primarily go to the Democrats. That is the beauty of these reform parties and green parties. But if we concede to the Gore crying and tears of defeat we will have dealt the Constitution a fatal blow. For a re-vote would allow those who knew who they were voting for the Buchannan's and Nader's a second chance to then cast votes for Gore. You see, these people who voted for the Naders and such are very anti-Bush and would recast for the Gore side to actually change the election to what can only be viewed as a legitimate fraud against the US Citizens. Is this right? Hell no! Gore, please simply leave D.C. and let Bush/Cheney have the open door they deserve.
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Nader and Buchanon only affected the results as much as Ross Perot did back in '92. Bush senior would have beaten (probably) Clinton if it were not for Perot. So don't let the cry babies get you down.
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In reference to the last two elections -- before you start listening to the Democrats' complaints, remember this: George W. Bush has received more popular votes this election than Clinton received in either of his two victories!
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... and Gore beat GW in the popular vote ... go figure ...
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