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Don't let your guard down! Things are all warm and fuzzy right now, but I believe the left knows they've been defeated and this compromising thing is their last effort to spoil the victor's conservative approach. YES, I believe we've got to find middle ground in a diverse country, but if we feel strongly on an issue, we've still got to remain strong in our beliefs. Thoughts?
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If I see Jesse Jackson one more time this week on the tube, I'm just gonna....
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Offer his skull on a platter?
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Well put CL,
THe left is trying another of their brilliant schemes by telling us that we must be "soft" and "compromising" because we did not win by a big majority. That we need to be "middle of the road" Let me ask you a question? If the tables were turned? Do you think they would be willing to do the same? ROTFLMPAO!!!
Yeah right!!

Their motto? Do what ever it takes! No matter what!
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