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Still Believe the FBI Is Some Honorable Institution?
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Christopher Wray is a professional liar making excuses that hold zero truth or water....

His statements leak like sieves...

They are A.L.L. L.I.E.S....

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I can't wait to testify on national TV at a U.S. SENATE CONGRESSIONAL HEARING IN WASHINGTON D.C. ON


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Mr. Jones wrote:
I can't wait to testify on national TV at a U.S. SENATE CONGRESSIONAL HEARING IN WASHINGTON D.C. ON



I hope you get your day.
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Me too !!!!
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I may not live long afterwards though....

But at least I will fry SEVERAL HUNDRED of sick felon murderers who identify as FBI "SPECIAL SURVEILLANCE GROUP DIVISION AGENTS"...



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Ukraine and the FBI: Profiles in Corruption

Two cases of corruption have recently come to the fore, both involving foreign countries. Significantly for U.S. citizens, both of these shed light on questionable activities of Hunter Biden regarding vital United States foreign interests. Whether they also provide inference to be drawn about President Biden’s document retention then becomes question for the jury of public opinion.

One of these cases involves the recent raid by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the home of Ukraine's most corrupt oligarchic Igor Kolomoisky for allegedly embezzling one billion dollars from Ukraine's two largest oil companies. This follows sanctions on Kolomoisky by the United States in 2021 in a ban on travel into the United States for him and his family. Zelensky knows he must punish corruption to continue to receive foreign aid for his war against Russia.

The second corruption case to come to light is the indictment of former high level FBI counterintelligence agent Charles McGonigal. While the head of the FBI's counterintelligence office in New York from 2016 to 2018 and thereafter, he had undisclosed corrupt relationships featuring large amounts of cash payments with both agents of corrupt Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, and agents of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, whom Russiagate special counsel Robert Mueller has stated was closely aligned with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Both cases are quite clearly stomach-turning stories of a high-level FBI agent using his position to advance the adverse interest of foreign rivals. However, at first blush they appear to have little to do with any serious connection with the United States, so why should any of us care?

Let's first pick the low hanging fruit about which we've previously discussed regarding Igor Kolomoisky. Please recall that in April and May of 2014, Hunter Biden and his partner Devon Archer were hired as directors by Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, each for $1 million annually. Hunter Biden also received lucrative assignments for a law firm with which he was associated. The controlling owner of Burisma? Yes, you guessed it: Igor Kolomoisky, the majority silent partner behind the seeming number one official (but really number two), Burisma President Mycola Zlochevsky. The number three official was Vadym Pozharskiy.

When Will Stubborn Trump Loyalists Face Inconvenient Truths?

After Hunter was hired, good things began to happen for Igor Kolomoisky. For instance, he was finally able to get a visa to travel into the United States for him and his family which required influence with the State Dept.

After our Ukrainian point man, then-Vice President Joe Biden, pushed through $3 billion in foreign aid to Ukraine, much was routed for Ukraine's biggest financial institution, PrivatBank, $1.7 billion of which went to loans of PrivatBank from its branch in Cyprus. The loans were to six companies secured by contracts for delivery of goods from overseas companies. The money flowed out to the vendors, but goods never floated in, and the owners of PrivatBank made $1.7 billion, all through these overseas shell companies. The chief owner of PrivatBank? Igor Kolomoisky, a client of Hunter Biden.

Eventually, PrivatBank went into the hole for $5.6 billion, all seemingly into the pockets of Kolomoisky and associates. Kolomoisky was not arrested or imprisoned and lived with impunity in Ukraine through 2016. However, as Vice President Joe Biden was leaving office, Kolomoisky fled Ukraine. Had he previously been protected, we ask?

When Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin investigated Burisma for corruption and raided the home of Mykola Zlochevsky, Hunter Biden became extremely active. The upshot was that Hunter’s father famously got Shokin fired by threatening to withhold $1 billion in financial aid unless he was terminated.

Corruption cases filed against Burisma were settled favorably to Burisma, after the cases were switched from Shokin’s prosecutorial office to a nongovernmental National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) influenced by an FBI agent placed by FBI Director James Comey.

Now to McGonigal. McGonigal took cash from Oleg Deripaska’s agent to help lift U.S. sanctions against him and investigate a rival oligarch, both tasked using American intelligence resources. He also took money from a former Albanian intelligence officer to convince corrupt Prime Minister Rama not to award oil drilling contracts to certain Russian front companies and steer them to companies with whom he was associated. What was one company? It appears to have been CEFC China Energy.

A key link noted in the McGonigal indictment to the Albanian prime minister was an unnamed person who in fact is one Dorian Ducka. Ducka was employed by the Chinese global energy firm CEFC; he was also so close to Prime Minister Rama that he held the title of Albania's “adviser of investments.” It appears that CEFC was corruptly influencing Rama to get drilling contracts.

Hunter Biden was also retained by CEFC, an official of which gave him a 3.16 carat diamond and a $100,000 shopping spree. Hunter and associates made an easy five million dollars arranging the purchase by CEFC of U.S. and Canadian Energy assets which had to be approved by U.S. government agencies.

Recall that Tony Bobulinski claimed, in reference to his and Hunter’s CEFC dealings, that 10% of the venture's ownership was for “the Big Guy,” who he claimed, quite reasonably, was Joe Biden.

In 2017, the United States indicted CEFC official Patrick Ho for trying to bribe officials in Chad and Uganda to obtain oil drilling contracts for CEFC. Ho’s first call after arrest? James Biden, Joe Biden's brother.

Quickly, Hunter represented Ho to hire Ho’s criminal defense lawyer, Ed Kim. Kim quickly asked Hunter for the names of certain FBI officials whom Hunter knew. We do not know their names but it's logical that one might be CEFC-influenced FBI agent, Charles McGonigal.

Recall that McGonigal’s conduit to Rama was the CEFC's Dorian Ducka. On Hunter’s laptop has an e-mail chain with his CEFC group about “taking care of” with “remuneration” Dorian Ducka for his help early on. It seems that a major activity of CEFC was corrupt procurement of energy assets for the energy hungry importer, China. Did the CEFC believe it was buying influence with United States government through Hunter? That certainly is a possible inference. CEFC has now declared itself bankrupt, sanctions that do not happen unless the Chinese government wants it to happen. The public heat on CEFC, especially after Hunter’s laptop was discovered was clearly too much even for China.

Now let’s return to Burisma. While Joe Biden has claimed to have no connection to Hunter’s business dealings, the laptop from hell shows Burisma #3 Pozharsky emailing Hunter for his unspecified help shortly after Hunter was hired. Then a year later, ss Shokin turned up the pressure on Burisma, Pozharsky met with Vice President Biden, as arranged by Hunter Biden for which Pozharsky thanked Hunter by e-mail. Months later, Shokin was fired.

When Hunter was auditioning to be hired by Burisma, he sent a lengthy e-mail about Ukrainian offshore drilling prospects as affected both by Russian actions and U.S. sanctions, sounding suspiciously like it had been lifted from a U.S. high level intelligence briefing. The purpose was not, it seems, to convince Hunter’s prospective client that he himself was a brilliant foreign policy adviser. Rather, it was to convince the recipient that he had access to confidential intelligence resources, as the intelligence jargon of his report proves.

We now know that the Penn-Biden Center for Global Engagement was started by Vice President Biden as he left office. It was financed by a reported $67 million in Chinese money. We know that the most valuable U.S. intelligence tools are presidential briefings. Presidential briefings from 2013 through 2016 were among the documents recently uncovered at the Penn Biden Center. There is a picture on Hunter’s laptop of the bankers box of documents with the word “important” scrawled on top with reference to the documents contained in the box.

A number of classified documents were found at Joe Biden's home purportedly rented by Hunter for $50,000 a month. That seems like a lot of money. In short, it may well be that these classified documents had been curated, selected and used for a specific purpose. Hunter is still receiving profits from his 10% ownership in the multi-billion-dollar Bohai Harvest fund financed by the bank of China.

Is there a connection here to the soft reboot of our China policy by the Biden Administration? That same administration is also going easy on the corrupt Albanian regime heavily connected to the main Mexican drug cartel, Sinaloa, along with Albania laundering cartel money and serving as the main European entry point for cocaine. Rama’s corrupt, drug enabling government has not been sanctioned recently by the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. However, Roma’s conservative rival and former prime Minister Sali Berisha, out of office for eight years and not the seeming imminent problem that the current prime minister is, was sanctioned for corruption. But the man closest to Rama is also close to Hunter Biden, that is, Dorian Ducka.

A final note: oligarch Oleg Deripaska played a prime role in pushing the Russiagate canard against President Trump. Inspector General Michael Horowitz detailed how the Justice Department’s #4 official, Bruce Ohr, lobbied to help Deripaska, explaining to his associates that Deripaska was helping to get Donald Trump.

And, yes, Christopher Steele of Steele Dossier fame was working for the Clinton campaign, but his main years-long patron was – you guessed it – Oleg Deripaska. One of the first FBI reports on Christopher Steele came to the FBI via its London agent to the New York Field office for handling. The agent in charge: Charles McGonigal.

Do we remember Donald Trump was impeached for his call to new Ukrainian President Zelensky, seeking a corruption investigation of the Bidens. Who was Zelensky’s main supporter recently entering the country from his 2016 exile? Igor Kolomoisky.

Lastly, recall that a main witness in the impeachment proceedings against Trump was former Ukraine Ambassador Maria Yovanovich, who had been installed right before Trump took Office, at the behest of VP Joe Biden.

So, when Trump took office, his enemies were in place and they got him before he could get them. James Comey being one such prominent figure, Yovanonich another, and Putin’s friend Deripaska yet another.

When Biden Administration acolytes dismiss any suggestion of corrupt dealings centered around Hunter Biden, perhaps involving his father, and poo-pooing the seemingly problematic retention by his father of valuable classified documents, perhaps raised eyebrows are in order.
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The FBI's Snipe Hunts

When I was in the Boy Scouts, we used to send new scouts on a snipe hunt during their first campout. It was a search through the woods for a made-up creature that didn’t exist. The exercise was a good-natured joke to welcome them to the troop. (Note: Snipes are a real bird, but that doesn’t change the joke).

Snipe hunting is also a gag the FBI plays on itself. Only the FBI calls the snipes “white supremacist domestic terrorists” -- which are apparently harder to find than Boy Scout snipes.

The feds use the “white supremacist” qualifier to avoid catching any BLM, Antifa, pro-abortion, or LGBTQ terrorists in their dragnet. But parents, and others of a semi-fascist (i.e., MAGA) political persuasion are fair game.

At the request of the National School Boards Association (NSBA), the FBI investigated parents who protested at school board meetings. Surely there’s a criminal statute against that. Congress just received the FBI’s report on this initiative and it is not confidence inspiring.

The FBI investigated a total of 25 individuals and organizations for the subversive act of exercising their freedom of speech. Six of those cases were referred to the FBI Counterterrorism Division, and one case received a full-scale investigation -- rather like that garage door pull that 15 agents investigated to ensure that a racist knot wasn’t used. One of the people investigated was -- gasp -- a gun owner! Apparently, there’s a 2nd Amendment exclusion in the FBI oath to defend the Constitution.

The FBI’s report to Congress states that they found no credible threat. Let me paraphrase: We left no stone unturned, and verified that parents who have committed no crime, are not criminals. No threatening snipes were found. You can thank us now.

Even though the FBI can’t find any actual snipes, it is determined to make it look like it does. Congress has discovered that the FBI has been cooking its domestic terrorism books. Whistleblowers are confirming that bureau leadership has been pressuring agents to reclassify other cases as “domestic violent extremism,” to support Merrick Garland’s domestic terrorism narrative. This “book cooking” has been necessary because they haven’t been able to find any actual domestic terrorists -- at least not of the “white supremacist” variety.

To make the snipe hunt look convincing, the FBI has even made a couple of domestic terrorist arrests. They arrested a handful of mentally deficient fools in Michigan, for almost following an FBI hatched plan to kidnap a governor. They didn’t do it, but they talked about it over beers and they were white -- so, domestic terrorism it is.

The bureau also arrested some protesters for almost laying siege to the Capitol, without any guns, and without actually entering the building. But they were people in disagreement with their government -- arrested for sinful thoughts without sinful actions. Another word for that is “innocent.”

Unfortunately, while the FBI has been on their snipe hunt, they’ve been distracted from real threats.

Another busy day at the Hoover building.
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SHE would meet up with the low-life piece of shiiit SSG BAG MAN PAY MASTER , his driver , and GET INTO A LONG WHITE JOBBER VAN or a unmarked 28 ft whitd straight truck W/ SSG ASSISTANT PAYMASTER SECURITY ARMORED GUNMAN/men- plural ( GUARDING THE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF CASH ) ...
THEY PULL INTO A FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, THEY ASK FOR THE UNTRACEABLE WORNOUT BILLS WAITING TO BE BURNED BUT then sidetracked off site to pay thousands upon thousands of early released felons on the under the table untracable cash...
Leaving the federal reserve banks then hitting houses all over dozens of pay centers where it is broken down into yellow Manila envelopes and or no.12 business envelopes with criminal felons names on each envelope...these get passed to the on-site FBI-SSG agents to be dispersed manually all around big and small cities once a month....

Lisa LING would love to expose these low life priiicks pretending to be federal law enforcement agents...they might even take her on a few gangstalking assignments...maybe a "SWARMING" OF 50 + AGENTS ON ONE MARK @ A "HOME GOODS" STORE IN THE MARSHALLS STORE UMBRELLA....MAYBE LET HER JOIN IN DIRECTED CONVERSATION at a brewery with the targeted individual one table away ...they proceed to describe their life and history very loudly so as the T.I. CAN HEAR EVERY WORD SPOKEN...of course he knows who "he, him" is...THEY never use the T.I.'s name...but.... it is his life they are describing in great detail in megaphone voices....

Lisa Ling would expose these SKULL F##KING SiCK F#ks for who they really are....EAST GERMAN STASI POLICE IN AMERICA WITH FBI-SSG BADGES AND GUNS...
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Ohhhh yeahhhhh,

I forgot to ADD....

THE RELENTLESS FEMALE CuuNT FBI-SSG AGENTS they hire all have "Superior achieving SPAWN" that graduate ivy league universities and only marry other like/kind spawn of other FBI-SSG agents...

Lisa Ling would be invited to a special " SSG SPAWN ON SPAWN
DESTINATION WEDDING CEREMONY " IN TAHITI with about 300 attendees ....ALL SSG AGENTS AND SPAWNS TO satanic ritual receptions expenses spared...all paid for by STOLEN MONEY FROM INNOCENT TARGETED INDIVIDUALS HOUSES, SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES, BANK ACCOUNTS, FAMILY OWNED BUSINESSES....and believe me that # is in the 100's of millions every year...year after year.....

Lisa Ling will prolly have a nervous breakdown after filming this ceremony filled with privilaged sick degenerates that call themselves FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS...
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Obama Admin Had No ‘Actual Evidence’ Of Collusion By Trump When It Launched Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

The Obama administration possessed no real evidence that then-candidate Donald Trump colluded with Russian government officials when it launched its investigation into the Trump campaign leading up to the 2016 election, according to a new bombshell report.

On Monday, Special Counsel John Durham released the findings of his years-long investigation into the origins of the FBI’s surveillance of the Trump campaign in the months before, during, and after the 2016 presidential contest. Despite the agency’s claims that the inquiry — commonly referred to as Crossfire Hurricane — was predicated on the belief that Trump’s campaign was colluding with Russian officials leading up to the election, Durham’s report found the FBI had no evidence to warrant such an investigation.

“Indeed, based on the evidence gathered in the multiple exhaustive and costly federal investigations of these matters, including the instant investigation, neither the U.S. law enforcement nor the Intelligence Community appears to have possessed any actual evidence of collusion in their holdings at the commencement of the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation,” the report reads.

The baseless investigation into the Trump campaign started after Australian intelligence notified the FBI about “concerning comments” from George Papadopoulos, an unpaid foreign policy advisor for the Trump team, about the Russians purportedly having dirt on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. In his report, Durham details the recklessness with which leading FBI officials, such as then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and then-Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Peter Strzok, launched Crossfire Hurricane and further revealed that the FBI did not possess evidence of Trump-Russia collusion as late as March 2017.

The FBI launched a full investigation “without (i) any significant review of its own intelligence databases, (ii) collection and examination of any relevant intelligence from other U.S. intelligence agencies, (iii) interviews of witnesses essential to understand the raw information it had received or (iv) using any of the standard analytical tools typically employed by the FBI in evaluating raw intelligence,” the report reads. “In addition, FBI records prepared by Strzok in February and March 2017 show that at the time of the opening of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI had no information in its holdings indicating that at any time during the campaign anyone in the Trump campaign had been in contact with any Russian intelligence officials.”

Durham furthermore notes how the FBI’s launching of Crossfire Hurricane — which was “based on raw, unanalyzed, and uncorroborated intelligence” — also reflected “a noticeable departure from how it approached prior matters involving possible attempted foreign election interference plans aimed at the Clinton campaigns.” In one instance, “FBI Headquarters and Department officials required defensive briefings to be provided to Clinton and other officials or candidates who appeared to be targets of foreign interference,” according to the report.

Meanwhile, the FBI did not notify Trump or his team when launching inquiries into campaign officials such as Papadopoulos, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and Michael Flynn.

Durham’s report also highlights the baselessness of the Steele Dossier, which the FBI used in its application to acquire a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. In the months leading up to the 2016 election, Perkins Coie, a law firm acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign, hired Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on Trump and his affiliates. Led by Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS acquired the help of former British spy Christopher Steele to “investigate Trump’s ties to Russia.” On July 5, several weeks before the launch of Crossfire Hurricane, Steele provided the FBI with a series of derogatory stories concerning Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. These reports are what became known as the Steele Dossier.

“As noted, it was not until mid-September that the Crossfire Hurricane investigators received several of the Steele Reports,” the Durham report reads. “Within days of their receipt, the unvetted and unverified Steele Reports were used to support probable cause in the FBI’s FISA applications targeting Page.”

Durham ultimately concluded the FBI failed to corroborate any of its key claims regarding the Dossier, writing, “Our investigation determined that the Crossfire Hurricane investigators did not and could not corroborate any of the substantive allegations contained in the Steele reporting.”

Trump was right all along.
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I tried to tell everybody... Not talking
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So the FBI is also filled with vile Democrat loving vermin. All involved in this should be brought up on charges of TREASON.!
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I watched some of the committee this morning questioning the FBI whistleblowers about their being targeted for speaking out about their superior's blatantly partisan acts in favor of the Demo-Bolsheviks. Their reward for exposing this weaponization of the FBI against so-called "domestic terrorists" like conservatives, parents, religious groups, pretty much anybody that protests against Demo-Bolshevik rule was being banished, canceled without pay, having their security clearances rescinded, even denied the right to seek other employment! Truly Jacobin tactics.
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RayR wrote:
I watched some of the committee this morning questioning the FBI whistleblowers about their being targeted for speaking out about their superior's blatantly partisan acts in favor of the Demo-Bolsheviks. Their reward for exposing this weaponization of the FBI against so-called "domestic terrorists" like conservatives, parents, religious groups, pretty much anybody that protests against Demo-Bolshevik rule was being banished, canceled without pay, having their security clearances rescinded, even denied the right to seek other employment! Truly Jacobin tactics.

This is why I would trust a bona-fide whistleblower over an "anonymous source" (the left's favorite well of 'evidence') any day of the week.
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Now to be fair, let's not just trash the FBI, though they well deserve it. Let's also blame the Democrat voters for their stupidity. They voted for vile vermin who allowed the demise of the FBI.
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Stogie1020 wrote:
This is why I would trust a bona-fide whistleblower over an "anonymous source" (the left's favorite well of 'evidence') any day of the week.

Lefty LOVES whistleblowers too. Except ONLY the ones that don't rat on the DNC or spill the beans about what their orgs are doing. Everyone else is fair game. Political opponents, religious people, 2A people, as Pedo Joe spouts about, the MAGA Republicans....they're all to be spied on 24/7.

It's like I've said for years here. The DNC is a terrorist organization. The FBI is the SS for the DNC.
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More spillout from yesterday's hearing.

FBI Concerned Jan. 6 Footage Would Expose Undercover Agents, Informants: Whistleblower

FBI Director Christopher Wray prepares to testify before the House Homeland Security Committee in the Cannon House Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington on Nov. 15, 2022. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

FBI officials were concerned that footage from inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, would show undercover agents and confidential informants, a whistleblower said in testimony revealed on May 18.

George Hill, a retired supervisory intelligence analyst who worked out of the FBI’s Boston field office, recounted that the bureau’s Washington field office (WFO) pressured officials in Boston to open investigations on 138 people who attended a rally on Jan. 6, 2021, even though there were no indications the people violated the law.


FBI whistleblower testifies under oath that FBI won’t allow 11,000+ hours of J6 footage to be released b/c it would expose undercover agents committing crimes inside Capitol

Not only was J6 a Fed setup, but now it’s confirmed that FBI is also covering its tracks
— DC_Draino (@DC_Draino) May 18, 2023

Boston officials pushed back, saying they would need evidence, such as footage of individuals inside the Capitol, to open investigations of the individuals.

“Happy to do it. Show us where they were inside the Capitol, and we’ll look into it,” one official was quoted as saying.

“We can’t show you those videos unless you can tell us the exact time and place those individuals were inside the Capitol,” WFO officials responded, according to Hill.

Hill said Boston officials questioned why they couldn’t get access to the tranche of some 11,000 hours of footage from inside the Capitol.

“Because there may be—may be—UCs, undercover officers, or … confidential human sources, on those videos whose identity we need to protect,” Washington-based officials responded.

“FBI says it won’t release Jan 6 surveillance video because it would show too many undercover government agents and informants”

Uhh … this is insane!!

How many were there? I’m mean … just approximately.
— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 19, 2023

Hill recounted the discussions during testimony to the U.S. House’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. The clip from the testimony was played during a hearing on May 18 and detailed in a report the panel released based on whistleblower disclosures.

The FBI’s national headquarters and the WFO didn’t respond to requests for comment.
In an image from an undated video, FBI whistleblower George Hill, right, testifies to Congress. (NTD via The Epoch Times)
Wray Testimony

Marcus Allen, another FBI employee who has also become a whistleblower, has alleged that he was retaliated against because he shared an email with other FBI workers that questioned whether FBI Director Christopher Wray was truthful while testifying to Congress.

“You believe that Christopher Wray indicated that there were no confidential informants, no FBI assets that were present at the Capitol on Jan. 6 that were part of the violent riot, isn’t that right?” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), a member of the subcommittee, asked Allen.

“Yes, sir,” Allen said.

They appeared to be referring to testimony given behind closed doors.

After playing the clip of Hill’s comments, Gaetz said, “You got retaliated against for the very thing, for saying the very thing that the Washington field office was telling Boston.”

Wray told one congressional panel in a public hearing in late 2022 that he wouldn’t say whether the bureau had confidential sources embedded among the Jan. 6 protesters.

Huh...FBI has undercover agents AND informants in the Capitol on Jan 6th???

Don't EVER call it a Trump inspired "INSURRECTION" again. It wasn't. If you believe that, go get another's time.

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The FBI Didn’t Persecute Hillary. It Protected Her.

That’s the big reveal in the 306-page Durham report.

For the last seven years, conventional wisdom has told us a singular story about the FBI and Hillary Clinton. That story had a clear headline: the FBI was out to get her.

Let’s go back to 2016, when the FBI was investigating both major presidential candidates in the run-up to the election.

At the time, the bureau was looking into Donald Trump’s campaign’s ties to Russia as well as Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was secretary of state.

In July of 2016, FBI Director James Comey announced that no charges would be brought against the Democratic nominee. Then, eleven days before the election, he said that in light of new information having surfaced, the Clinton investigation had been reopened. Finally, on November 6, two days before Election Day, Comey announced that the matter was closed—again.

To this day, Democrats remain convinced that Comey’s second to last announcement—which, we can all agree, was ham-handed—cast a pall over the campaign, tipping the scales in favor of the Republican nominee.

It’s a neat story. But it’s only half of it.

That’s the big reveal in Special Counsel John Durham’s 306-page Report on Matters Related to Intelligence Activities and Investigations Arising Out of the 2016 Presidential Campaigns, which came out late last week.

If the Durham report shows anything, it is that the FBI leadership bent over backward to protect Clinton’s campaign while launching a full investigation into Trump’s campaign on the thinnest of pretexts. In other words, the FBI was not really the Clinton campaign’s persecutor, as so many insisted over the past few years, as much as its protector.

“The speed and manner in which the FBI opened and investigated Crossfire Hurricane during the presidential election season based on raw, unanalyzed, and uncorroborated intelligence,” the Durham report observes, referring to the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign, “reflected a noticeable departure from how it approached prior matters involving possible attempted foreign election interference plans aimed at the Clinton campaign.”

Consider the bureau’s approach to Clinton.

The Durham report notes that, in early 2016, a confidential FBI source arranged for a sizable donation to Clinton’s campaign from a foreign country. Instead of taking steps to learn what might be in the works, the bureau eventually instructed the source to stay away from the Clinton campaign. Then, it offered Clinton’s lawyers what is known as a defensive briefing, so Clinton was aware of the foreign country’s efforts to help her.

The double standard is unmistakable: Trump was never offered a defensive briefing when the FBI began probing his campaign, whereas the bureau gave Clinton not one but two such briefings between 2014 and 2016.

On a separate occasion, the report points out, FBI agents strongly suspected another foreign government of planning to contribute to Clinton’s campaign—hoping to curry favor with the person they expected would be the next American president. But when the FBI field office requested sign-off on a surveillance warrant application for a non-U.S. citizen suspected of having been in contact with Clinton, headquarters demurred. “They were pretty ‘tippy-toeing’ around HRC because there was a chance she would be the next President,” an FBI official told Durham.

Possibly the most egregious example of special treatment was the FBI’s probe of the Clinton Foundation, a charitable organization that raised money from foreign governments—even when Hillary Clinton was a senator and, later, secretary of state. By the beginning of 2016, three FBI field offices were investigating the Clinton Foundation.

Eventually, headquarters got involved. At a meeting chaired by Comey’s deputy, Andrew McCabe, at the end of February of that year, he initially urged the three field offices to close the investigations. Only later, according to the Durham report, did he back down—partially. The G-men were instructed that any “overt investigative steps” would require sign-off from McCabe. Durham quotes one FBI agent expressing frustration on the straitjacket placed on his investigation.

Then, in May of 2016, a Comey aide called the New York field office to ask that the investigation cease and desist, citing an “undisclosed counterintelligence concern,” according to the report. Eventually, the three investigations were consolidated in New York, but U.S. attorneys declined to issue any subpoenas—effectively ending the probe before the 2016 election.

Then there was the bureau’s approach to Trump.

This point is best illustrated in the launch of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign. The probe was opened in response to a memo from the government of Australia to the U.S. embassy in London. It was based on two casual meetings that involved a Trump campaign volunteer, George Papadopoulos. The first meeting was with Australian diplomats and the second was with the country’s former foreign minister, Alexander Downer.

That memo was deliberately vague. It said that Papadopoulos “suggested the Trump team had received some kind of suggestion from Russia that it could assist this process with the anonymous release of information during the campaign that would be damaging to Mrs. Clinton (and President Obama).” This is hardly a smoking gun. And yet, this memo alone was the sole justification the FBI used to open a full investigation of a major presidential candidate during an election year.

Consider that the bureau did not even bother to interview the Australian diplomats before launching the probe. Nor did the bureau check with other intelligence agencies, the State Department, or its own analysts to find out if there was any other information to suggest Trump or his campaign had been in contact with senior Russian officials. As it turns out, not a single U.S. government agency or bureau had any evidence corroborating the theory that Trump and his campaign were colluding with Russia, according to the Durham report.

Stranger still, the FBI opened a “full investigation” instead of a “preliminary” one or an even less intrusive “assessment.” These may sound like insignificant, technical distinctions. They’re not. A full investigation gives the bureau more resources and options to use intrusive investigative techniques, such as deploying informants to record conversations with suspects. Again, this stands in contrast with the restrictions that FBI leaders placed on investigations into Clinton and her campaign.

Finally, the bureau more than once relied on information generated by Clinton’s own campaign. Case in point: its spy warrant on Trump campaign aide Carter Page. To obtain the warrant, the Justice Department’s inspector general earlier disclosed, the bureau relied on the infamous Clinton campaign-financed Steele dossier—named after former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele—alleging Trump’s campaign was engaged in a “well developed conspiracy” with Russia to cheat in the 2016 election.

After BuzzFeed, in January 2017, first published the Steele dossier, many journalists rushed to portray it as the work of a world-class spy. It turned out to be junk. The alleged intelligence was collected not by Steele but by a Russian national, Igor Danchenko.

At first, the bureau did not even try to corroborate the dossier. It passed on the dossier’s claims to a secret federal court overseeing government requests for surveillance warrants—without bothering to check their veracity. In late January 2017, shortly after BuzzFeed published the dossier, the bureau finally interviewed Danchenko, who walked away from its most explosive claims over the course of several months.

Nonetheless, the bureau decided to pay Mr. Danchenko as a confidential source, even though Durham discovered that Danchenko was himself the target of an unresolved 2010 FBI investigation for being a Russian agent. The FBI dropped that investigation after it wrongly concluded that Danchenko had moved from the U.S. to Russia. He hadn’t. In any event, when FBI agents subsequently interviewed Danchenko in connection with the Steele dossier, they did not bother to resolve the earlier investigation into whether Danchenko was a Russian spy.

To say the least, this was sloppy tradecraft. The Durham report notes that “it appears the FBI never gave appropriate consideration to the possibility that the intelligence Danchenko was providing to Steele—which, again, according to Danchenko himself, made up a significant majority of the information in the Steele Dossier reports—was, in whole or in part, Russian disinformation.” That is an extraordinary indictment. Two of our country’s leading opponents of so-called disinformation—the FBI and the Democratic Party—helped inject what may have been Russian disinformation into the American political discourse.

All of this is a black eye for the FBI. The bureau is supposed to be above politics. Its leaders are supposed to show fidelity to the law and act without partisan favor. Comey, McCabe, and their deputies were guilty of a confirmation bias so severe it led them to embrace partisan falsehoods to get their man, and the republic is still paying the price for their failures. To this day, millions of loyal MSNBC viewers and most Democrats in Congress still act like it’s 2017, and Donald Trump is a Kremlin agent.

It was a hoax six years ago. It’s a farce today.

Defund the FBI...Dismantle ALL leadership in it. I'd go as far as to disband it and start all over from scratch. Lord knows it didn't start out good to begin with!
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Yup…..which is why you have the bat💩 crazy lady with the cat named vagina having laws changed to sue over something that didn’t happen just to deflect at the right time.

Till the left realizes they’re being used, or we have another civil war this stuff won’t matter. And if the worst happens I’m sure the loudest squeaky wheels will be the willingly cognitive dissonance folks from today.

Buy lead and copper. Have a good water filter, and remember where the Captain Sniffy for POTUS signs were in your neighborhood for ressuply way points.
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The worst part of all, though, is that 65% of America will never know any of this because lefty-media just won't cover it in any way.
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Stogie1020 wrote:
The worst part of all, though, is that 65% of America will never know any of this because lefty-media just won't cover it in any way.

Despite showing Lefty the info here...they play stupid and act like they don't know or it's lies all the while pushing the DNC false narratives.
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Benghazi and basement servers were facts...

Never looked into...

I can't complain though....

Since I saved her life on a primary campaign bus leaking copious amts of diesel fuel over a hot exhaust system in lancaster pa near the Airport from exploding....2015?2016?

She protects me like an shpo...

Thank-you Hillary and Bill...I appreciate it immensely...
I really do.
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Jim Jordan: We Have to Exercise the Power of the Purse to Limit What the FBI Can Do

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), chairman of the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government Subcommittee, said in the wake of Special Counsel John Durham’s report that Republicans should use the power of the purse to limit what the FBI can do.

Appearing on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, Jordan told host, Maria Bartiromo, “In the end, money always gets people’s attention … and so what we’re going to have to do is say, ‘Hey, FBI, you can’t use federal tax dollars, you can’t use the American tax dollars for this kind of activity.’ We’ve got to limit how they spend the money, maybe even limit them,” he said.

The committee has undertaken a number of actions this month.

It released a report on the origins of the statement signed by 51 former intelligence officials falsely claiming the New York Post‘s Hunter Biden’s laptop story was Russian disinformation, finding that it was created after then-Biden campaign adviser Antony Blinken reached out to former Deputy CIA Director Michael Morell, who drafted the statement along with former CIA official Marc Polymeropoulos.

It also called in former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to testify about their involvement in the statement. Brennan testified on May 11, before Durham’s report came out, but Clapper testified on May 17, after the release of Durham’s report on May 15.

Durham’s report found that both Brennan and Clapper were aware as early as July 2016 of intelligence that Hillary Clinton planned to “vilify” Donald Trump by linking him to Russia.

The Weaponization Committee’s report on the statement on the Hunter Biden laptop found that Brennan signed onto the statement knowing it was meant to help Biden in the 2020 election and that Clapper had even made edits to it before it was published.

Last week, the committee held a public hearing featuring FBI whistleblowers testifying about an anti-conservative bias within the FBI and retaliation for talking to members of Congress.

Jordan said in the interview, “We have to use the appropriation, that’s the power that the founders wanted, the legislative branch, and in particular the House, where constitutionally every spending bill, every tax bill has to originate in the House. They wanted that body, which stands for election every two years, to be the body closer to the people deciding how we spend the money. So we have to exercise our authority, the power of the purse, to limit what the federal government, what the FBI, the Justice Department are doing to the American people,” he said.

He said House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Republicans are “committed to doing all 12 appropriations bills that fund the government over the next several months.”

“I think the first one will be coming out in a couple of weeks. We’ve been meeting with the appropriations staff, our staff on Judiciary Committee, to work on how we can limit money, American tax dollars being used in these ways and deal with the overall budget that the FBI and the DOJ is receiving,” he said.

It's a start.
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Here’s A Big Tell Democrats Believe The FBI Works For Them

Democrats want to defund police who enforce the law, and expand police forces that use law as a political weapon on Democrats’ behalf.

Democrats are communicating loud and clear that they support law enforcement so long as it abuses police power to serve their political goals. They want to defund police who enforce the law, and expand police forces that use law as a political weapon on Democrats’ behalf.

One proof is that in last week’s hearing on FBI weaponization, support for the FBI was split exactly by political party. Democrats uniformly supported the FBI in face of evidence of gross and systemic abuse of power, while Republicans uniformly criticized it. This is a clear tell that Democrats consider the FBI to be working for them — a shocking and dangerous situation.

“Every single Republican on the Judiciary Committee is committed to fundamental change in how that [FBI secret warrant] process works,” Rep. Jim Jordan told Maria Bartiromo Sunday in a post-hearing interview. “…the FISA and the appropriations process is how you rein in this agency that targeted good men, like Garret O’Boyle, Stephen Friend, and Marcus Allen, who had the courage to come forward and testify this week and tell the American people what’s going on with their tax dollars in the Justice Department.”

The last week has surfaced numerous new facts about serious ongoing and systemic FBI abuses of law enforcement powers. Special Counsel John Durham’s report showed that the FBI acted in a clearly partisan manner in multiple situations, including protecting the Hillary Clinton campaign while placing informants and electronic wiretaps on the Trump campaign based on fabricated evidence their agents didn’t check.

In Thursday’s hearing, the three whistleblowers detailed the FBI’s cruel retaliation against themselves and their families when they filed legally protected ethics complaints about: the FBI surveilling parents who complained about Democrats’ education policies at school board meetings; the FBI pursuing a SWAT-style raid against a cooperative man who attended the Jan. 6, 2021 rally; and the FBI inflating “domestic terrorism” cases to bolster Democrats’ false and horrifying claim that their political opponents are terrorists.

Allen told the committee it appears the FBI is conducting a “purge” of conservatives. Michael Shellenberger and Madeleine Rowley reported, “No mainstream media journalist interviewed the FBI whistleblowers before demonizing them.”

During that hearing, it was also revealed that the Bank of America gave the FBI private banking information about any American who used BOA credit cards near the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, without any warrant, and regardless of whether those people committed any crimes or even were on the Capitol grounds that day.

“FBI leadership pressured agents to reclassify cases as domestic violent extremism (DVE), and even manufactured DVE cases where they may not otherwise exist, while manipulating its case categorization system to create the perception that DVE is organically rising around the country,” says a congressional staff report released May 18.

Saturday reporting on a secret court filing showed the FBI broke the law by spying on Americans 278,000 times, without any warrants, in 2021 alone. “For each American the FISA court permitted the FBI to target, the bureau illicitly surveilled almost 1,000 additional Americans,” reported the New York Post on Sunday. The whistleblowers noted that the FBI rewards agents for opening more warrantless surveillance and searches of Americans’ communications.

Then on Sunday a poll came out showing the majority of Americans believe the FBI covers up Democrats’ crimes — specifically those of the Biden family. It also showed that 70 percent of Americans are concerned the FBI and other intelligence agencies interfere with elections, and believe the agencies need “wide-ranging reform.”

Don’t forget, either, that the only former president’s home the FBI has ever raided was a Republican’s, while FBI officials bent over backward to avoid touching even convincing evidence of criminal behavior related to Clinton, according to Durham’s documentation. The FBI’s recent record is clearly partisan, and that’s why its support is also now partisan.

This partisanship is not just typical politics. It’s over fundamental issues, not differing ways to get to the same goal. It’s also very dangerous to our country.

When federal law enforcement becomes the shock troops of only one political party, you don’t have the rule of law anymore. Law is only legitimate if it is equally applied to all. When members of one party or set of political beliefs are above the law and use the law not for justice but as a weapon against their political enemies, that’s what we call a police state.

Now, where did I hear this before????whip
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There ya go...
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FBI To Finally Hand Over Biden Corruption Docs Under Threat Of Contempt

Rather than face a potential contempt of Congress vote in the GOP-controlled House, the FBI has agreed to hand over a subpoenaed document from the Biden family investigation which a whistleblower says contains allegations that Joe Biden, when he was VP, engaged in a bribery scheme to change US policy in return for $5 million to his family businesses.

Once the existence of the document was made known, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) demanded to see it, followed by a subpoena from House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY).

FBI Director Christopher Wray indicated as recently as Wednesday that he wouldn't turn over the document, but would allow lawmakers to come to the FBI and read it in person. According to Just the News, however, a deal was struck late Thursday for the FBI to bring the document to the Capitol.

"Chairman Comer will receive a briefing from the FBI and review the document on Monday," his committee told JTN. "Chairman Comer has been clear that anything short of producing the FD-1023 form to the House Oversight Committee is not compliance with his subpoena. This unclassified record contains pages of details that need to be investigated further by the House Oversight Committee."

The FBI told Just the News that it wanted to accommodate Congress, while maintaining sensitive confidential human source information which is often recorded in memos before it can be corroborated. In other words, according to the FBI 'it might be fake news!'

"Director Wray offered to provide the Committee’s Chairman and Ranking Member an opportunity to review information responsive to the subpoena in a secure manner to accommodate the committee, while protecting the confidentiality and safety of sources and important investigative sensitivities," said the bureau. "The FBI has continually demonstrated its commitment to working with the Committee to accommodate its request, from scheduling briefings and calls to now allowing the Chair to review information in person. The FBI remains committed to cooperating with the Committee in good faith."

The bureau also cautioned that FD-1023 forms are “used by FBI agents to record unverified reporting by a confidential human source. Documenting the information does not validate it, establish its credibility, or weigh it against other information verified by the FBI. -Just the News

"Revealing unverified or possibly incomplete information could harm investigations, prejudice prosecutions or judicial proceedings, unfairly violate privacy or reputations, create misimpressions in the public, or potentially identify individuals who provide information to law enforcement, placing their physical safety at risk," the agency statement continued.

They didn't seem to mind creating 'misimpressions in the public' when they launched the Trump-Russia investigation despite knowing that the Steele Dossier was a complete fabrication.

So, here we have the Director of the SS, er FBI saying they will begrudgingly bring in a subpoenaed document but allowed the Steele Dossier, the multiple FISA warrants, the Clinton Foundation investigation, Hunter's laptop and the Jan 6th "INSURRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!" garbage to ferment into some toxic kimchi but this widdle document they were willing to die on the hill over.

Since when did they actually verify a damned thing? They need to dismantle the entire organization to the ground.
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Biden sucks.... Mellow
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I heard Joey B. will speak to the little people tonight to proclaim his greatness for saving the soul of the SWAMP.
The FBI cheers.

Deal approved, Biden will address budget, debt agreement from Oval Office Friday evening

President Joe Biden will address the nation Friday evening from the Oval Office on the budget deal that lifts the federal debt limit and averts a U.S. government default.

ByCHRIS MEGERIAN Associated Press
June 2, 2023, 10:53 AM

WASHINGTON -- President Joe Biden planned to discuss the contentious, just-passed budget deal in a speech to the nation Friday night, ready to sign the agreement averting the country's first-ever government default, which would have sent shock waves through the U.S. and global economies.

The measure was approved late Thursday night after passing the House in yet another late session the night before. Biden was expected to sign it at the White House on Saturday

After days of default threats, the debt limit-budget agreement was worked out by Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, giving Republicans some of their spending-cut demands but holding the line on major Democratic priorities.

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Read the whole story at the link below....

"The facts of the case against Mateo Ventura laid out in the government’s criminal complaint detail how his relationship developed with the FBI.

In August 2021, when he was 16 years old, Ventura began communicating with an undercover FBI agent online. He told the agent of his desire to make “hijrah,” or migrate to territories under control of the Islamic State.

By the time of the discussion, ISIS had been largely vanquished in its home territories of Iraq and Syria, though it is not clear whether Ventura had been aware of this. According to the Department of Justice’s complaint, an undercover FBI agent impersonating an ISIS member communicated to the 16-year-old in broken English, encouraging his decision and expressly telling him not to inform anyone else about their online conversations, including friends or family. The criminal complaint in the case describes the exchange between Ventura and “OCE,” or the “FBI employee acting in an undercover capacity”:

VENTURA: I reached out to brother [A.D.] for hijrah [migration] I dont know if it is still possible but if it is I know it will take sometime.

OCE: Ahh

OCE: Inshallah [if Allah wills it] I help u, but before talk have rule my brother.

OCE: U must no talk about what said here or intention to anyone. No tell family.

No tell friend. No tell ikhwan [brothers] at masjid [mosque]. No one. This for

both are safety.

OCE: Intention stay between U and Allah azzawajal [the mighty and majestic].

Ventura continued chatting with the undercover agent about what he could do for ISIS, including potentially fighting for them in a foreign country. The two settled on him buying a $25 Google Play gift card and sending the redemption code to the FBI agent. At the FBI’s direction, the 16-year-old also recorded an audio file of himself elaborately pledging allegiance to the leader of ISIS and transmitting the audio recording over the chat.

Over the next year two years, Ventura continued sending small amounts of cash through gift cards to the FBI agent, mostly through gaming stores like Steam, PlayStation Network, and Google Play. The amounts of his small transactions, which spanned over roughly two years, added up to a total of $965 during the time that he was a juvenile, and another $705 after he became a legal adult.

All the while, Ventura’s conversations with the FBI undercover operative online continued, including promises to make a passport and assurances that he would teach himself Arabic “very fast” in case he traveled to Egypt on behalf of the group.

In the end, Ventura appeared to get cold feet. In September 2022, when he was 17 years old, he told the agent that he could no longer “go for hijrah,” because he had been “hurt very bad in fall and can no longer walk.” The injury was an excuse that the FBI — which, according to the affidavit in the case, interviewed Ventura six days thereafter — concluded had been made up by the teen."
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Is he in jail now?
Or over in Syria and worm food?
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FBI Make-Work Entrapment Schemes: Creating Criminals in Order to Arrest Them

Authored by John & Nisha Whitehead via The Rurtherford Institute,

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.”

- Friedrich Nietzsche

We’re not dealing with a government that exists to serve its people, protect their liberties and ensure their happiness.

Rather, we are the unfortunate victims of the diabolical machinations of a make-works program carried out on an epic scale whose only purpose is to keep the powers-that-be permanently (and profitably) employed.

Case in point: the FBI.

The government’s henchmen have become the embodiment of how power, once acquired, can be so easily corrupted and abused. Indeed, far from being tough on crime, FBI agents are also among the nation’s most notorious lawbreakers.

Whether the FBI is planting undercover agents in churches, synagogues and mosques; issuing fake emergency letters to gain access to Americans’ phone records; using intimidation tactics to silence Americans who are critical of the government, or persuading impressionable individuals to plot acts of terror and then entrapping them, the overall impression of the nation’s secret police force is that of a well-dressed thug, flexing its muscles and doing the boss’ dirty work.

Clearly, this is not a government agency that appears to understand, let alone respect, the limits of the Constitution.

Indeed, this same government agency has a pattern and practice of entrapment that involves targeting vulnerable individuals, feeding them with the propaganda, know-how and weapons intended to turn them into terrorists, and then arresting them as part of an elaborately orchestrated counterterrorism sting.

Basically, it works like this: in order to justify their crime-fighting superpowers, the FBI manufactures criminals by targeting vulnerable individuals and feeding them anti-government propaganda; then, undercover agents and informants equip the targeted individuals with the training and resources to challenge what they’ve been indoctrinated into believing is government corruption; and finally, the FBI arrests the targeted individuals for engaging in anti-government, terrorist activities.

This is what passes for the government’s perverse idea of being tough on crime.

For example, undercover FBI agents pretending to be associated with ISIS have been accused of seeking out online and befriending a 16-year-old with brain development issues, persuading him to secretly send them small cash donations in the form of gift cards, and then the moment Mateo Ventura, turned 18, arresting him for providing financial support to an Islamic terrorist group.

If convicted, the teenager could spend up to 10 years in prison.

Yet as The Intercept explains, “the only ‘terrorist’ he is accused of ever being in contact with was an undercover FBI agent who befriended him online as a 16-year-old… This law enforcement tactic has been criticized by national security researchers who have scrutinized the FBI’s role in manufacturing terrorism cases using vulnerable people who would have been unable to commit crimes without prolonged government assistance and encouragement… the Ventura case may indicate that authorities are still open to conjuring terrorists where none existed.”

In another incident, the FBI used an undercover agent/informant to seek out and groom an impressionable young man, cultivating his friendship, gaining his sympathy, stoking his outrage over injustices perpetrated by the U.S. government, then enlisting his help to blow up the Herald Square subway station. Despite the fact that Shahawar Matin Siraj ultimately refused to plant a bomb at the train station, he was arrested for conspiring to do so at the urging of his FBI informant and used to bolster the government’s track record in foiling terrorist plots. Of course, no mention was made of the part the government played in fabricating the plot, recruiting a would-be bomber, and setting him up to take the fall.

These are Machiavellian tactics with far-reaching consequences for every segment of the population, no matter what one’s political leanings, but it is especially dangerous for anyone whose views could in any way be characterized as anti-government.

As Rozina Ali writes for The New York Times Magazine, “The government’s approach to counterterrorism erodes constitutional protections for everyone, by blurring the lines between speech and action and by broadening the scope of who is classified as a threat.”

For instance, it was reported that the FBI had been secretly carrying out an entrapment scheme in which it used a front company, ANOM, to sell purportedly hack-proof phones to organized crime syndicates and then used those phones to spy on them as they planned illegal drug shipments, plotted robberies and put out contracts for killings using those boobytrapped phones.

All told, the FBI intercepted 27 million messages over the course of 18 months.

What this means is that the FBI was also illegally spying on individuals using those encrypted phones who may not have been involved in any criminal activity whatsoever.

Even reading a newspaper article is now enough to get you flagged for surveillance by the FBI. The agency served a subpoena on USA Today / Gannett to provide the internet addresses and mobile phone information for everyone who read a news story online on a particular day and time about the deadly shooting of FBI agents.

This is the danger of allowing the government to carry out widespread surveillance, sting and entrapment operations using dubious tactics that sidestep the rule of law: “we the people” become suspects and potential criminals, while government agents, empowered to fight crime using all means at their disposal, become indistinguishable from the corrupt forces they seek to vanquish.

To go after terrorists, they become terrorists.

To go after drug smugglers, they become drug smugglers.

To go after thieves, they become thieves.

For instance, when the FBI raided a California business that was suspected of letting drug dealers anonymously stash guns, drugs and cash in its private vaults, agents seized the contents of all the safety deposit boxes and filed forfeiture motions to keep the contents, which include millions of dollars’ worth of valuables owned by individuals not accused of any crime whatsoever.

It’s hard to say whether we’re dealing with a kleptocracy (a government ruled by thieves), a kakistocracy (a government run by unprincipled career politicians, corporations and thieves that panders to the worst vices in our nature and has little regard for the rights of American citizens), or if we’ve gone straight to an idiocracy.

This certainly isn’t a constitutional democracy, however.

Some days, it feels like the FBI is running its own crime syndicate complete with mob rule and mafia-style justice.

In addition to creating certain crimes in order to then “solve” them, the FBI also gives certain informants permission to break the law, “including everything from buying and selling illegal drugs to bribing government officials and plotting robberies,” in exchange for their cooperation on other fronts.

USA Today estimates that agents have authorized criminals to engage in as many as 15 crimes a day (5600 crimes a year). Some of these informants are getting paid astronomical sums: one particularly unsavory fellow, later arrested for attempting to run over a police officer, was actually paid $85,000 for his help laying the trap for an entrapment scheme.

In a stunning development reported by The Washington Post, a probe into misconduct by an FBI agent resulted in the release of at least a dozen convicted drug dealers from prison.

In addition to procedural misconduct, trespassing, enabling criminal activity, and damaging private property, the FBI’s laundry list of crimes against the American people includes surveillance, disinformation, blackmail, entrapment, intimidation tactics, and harassment.

For example, the Associated Press lodged a complaint with the Dept. of Justice after learning that FBI agents created a fake AP news story and emailed it, along with a clickable link, to a bomb threat suspect in order to implant tracking technology onto his computer and identify his location. Lambasting the agency, AP attorney Karen Kaiser railed, “The FBI may have intended this false story as a trap for only one person. However, the individual could easily have reposted this story to social networks, distributing to thousands of people, under our name, what was essentially a piece of government disinformation.”

Then again, to those familiar with COINTELPRO, an FBI program created to “disrupt, misdirect, discredit, and neutralize” groups and individuals the government considers politically objectionable, it should come as no surprise that the agency has mastered the art of government disinformation.

The FBI has been particularly criticized in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks for targeting vulnerable individuals and not only luring them into fake terror plots but actually equipping them with the organization, money, weapons and motivation to carry out the plots—entrapment—and then jailing them for their so-called terrorist plotting. This is what the FBI characterizes as “forward leaning—preventative—prosecutions.”

The FBI has also repeatedly sought to expand its invasive hacking powers to allow agents to hack into any computer, anywhere in the world.

Suffice it to say that when and if a true history of the FBI is ever written, it will not only track the rise of the American police state but it will also chart the decline of freedom in America: how a nation that once abided by the rule of law and held the government accountable for its actions has steadily devolved into a police state where justice is one-sided, a corporate elite runs the show, representative government is a mockery, police are extensions of the military, surveillance is rampant, privacy is extinct, and the law is little more than a tool for the government to browbeat the people into compliance.

This is how tyranny rises and freedom falls.

The powers-that-be are not acting in our best interests.

Almost every tyranny being perpetrated by the U.S. government against the citizenry—purportedly to keep us safe and the nation secure—has come about as a result of some threat manufactured in one way or another by our own government.

Think about it.

Cyberwarfare. Terrorism. Bio-chemical attacks. The nuclear arms race. Surveillance. The drug wars. Domestic extremism. The COVID-19 pandemic.

In almost every instance, the U.S. government (often spearheaded by the FBI) has in its typical Machiavellian fashion sown the seeds of terror domestically and internationally in order to expand its own totalitarian powers.

Consider that this very same government has taken every bit of technology sold to us as being in our best interests—GPS devices, surveillance, nonlethal weapons, etc.—and used it against us, to track, control and trap us.

Are you getting the picture yet?

The U.S. government isn’t protecting us from threats to our freedoms.

The U.S. government is creating the threats to our freedoms. It is, as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People and in its fictional counterpart The Erik Blair Diaries, the source of the threats to our freedoms.

Welcome to the Suck.
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Good article DMV,
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Patriot Front 'White Supremacist' Unmasked As Suspected Fed

Here’s “Joe Biden” trying to look like he knows what he’s saying, as he calls white supremacy “the greatest threat” to the United States today:

Now, if our schools (including colleges and universities) taught history, and not the pieties that fill the textbooks (however “woke” such textbooks may now be), and if “our free press” investigated warnings of the latest “threat” confronting us (according to the government), instead of amplifying such alarms non-stop, it would be clear at once to most of us, and not just to some few of us, that this year’s “existential threat” is just as fake as those that came before, and that it too has been created by the government now using it to panic and divide the rest of us. Thus it was with “the communists” back in the Fifties (when countless “Reds” were agents of the FBI, and the CIA helped keep the Daily Worker going), then, after Soviet communism fell apart, with “Islamic terrorism” (all those “plots” concocted by the state), and now with “white supremacy” (a specter as delusory as the “killer virus” that was used to smash the world).

Here are glimpses of the latest show of “white supremacy,” as captured over the weekend in Oregon, by some real patriots who scared off a contingent of the “Patriot Front,” and unmasked two of them—both literally and figuratively. If (again) “our free press” took a duly skeptical approach to the scare stories pumped out by the government, instead of just repeating them ad nauseam (while trashing anyone who questions them), yesterday’s unmasking would be major news, and not just one more passing flash of truth on Twitter.


This is the BEST video on the internet right now.

- Pro-America Patriot rally ongoing
- Feds show up dressed as “Nazis”
- Patriots force Feds out of rally
- Unmask the Feds, who PANIC
- The “Nazis” cry, tremble in fear
- Cops rush to save Feds

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) June 25, 2023

The same feds that parade around as Patriot Front were at the Capitol. This masked fed wearing an earpiece was caught removing a window from the capitol. When he realized he was being recorded, he blamed another man. He has not been added to the FBI's most wanted list, arrested,…
— @amuse (@amuse) June 25, 2023

🚨BREAKING🚨: The identities of the two FEDS have been found
— Dillon Fillion (@DillonFillionIA) June 25, 2023

Those interested in learning more about such state-backed performance of “far-right terrorism” (of which the biggest and most consequential was, of course, the one called “January 6”) should look back to the days when such theatrics were concocted to destroy not the far-right but the hard left. Specifically, those interested in helping save democracy from its most powerful opponents should look into Operation Gladio—a vast CIA project that began with the covert creation of “stay-behind armies” throughout Eastern Europe (“armies” full of diehard European fascists)—to be mobilized in the event of a Soviet assault on Europe overall—and that then morphed into an elaborate and very bloody false-flag operation, wherein far-right commandos would commit, or induce leftist outfits to commit, gruesome terroristic crimes (bombings and assassinations) that would then be imputed to the left alone. Such fake-outs were perfected in the Seventies, in Italy; but Gladio was very active elsewhere, too. (Mehmet Ali Ağca, the far-right Turkish hitman who shot Pope John Paul II, and his brotherhood, the fascist paramilitary outfit called the Grey Wolves, were connected to it.)

Remember...the Brown Shirts...well, now they're called the FBI.
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That article forgot to mention...

"CArLoS thE jaCkEL"

The Venezuelan hitman and terrorist who operated from 1973 to 1985...he was a terror on steroids...they finally caught him in 1994?
My guess he was in on a few European endeavors over those years...word on the pipeline was that he always used fishing trawlers to travel ...never flew airlines unless absolutely necessary, a master at facial disguises because his own real mug was plastered over every airport in the world...
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Just checked...


He was supported and funded by the EAST GERMAN STASI POLICE AND THE RUSSIAN K.G.B...

CARLOS was a brutal in prison in FRANCE for three consecutive life sentences ( only the French frogs would come up with that redundant charge verbage) since 1994...
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G-Men unmasked
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Mr. Jones wrote:
That article forgot to mention...

"CArLoS thE jaCkEL"

The Venezuelan hitman and terrorist who operated from 1973 to 1985...he was a terror on steroids...they finally caught him in 1994?
My guess he was in on a few European endeavors over those years...word on the pipeline was that he always used fishing trawlers to travel ...never flew airlines unless absolutely necessary, a master at facial disguises because his own real mug was plastered over every airport in the world...

There was "Day Of The Jackal" and then this...

The times Bruce Willis changes looks makes the movie.

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I still prefer the original movie " the day of the jackel"
By Fredrick Forsythe made in 1973 by director Fred zinneman...

THOSE disguises that Bruce wore in the new version were AWESOME...AND WHEN JACK BLACK WASSSS....



I really enjoyed the EUROPEAN country side & the real PARIS SCENES IN THE ORIGINAL...

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Once again...on a day ending in "Y"....

FBI Wrongly Searched Surveillance Data for US Senator’s Name, Court Finds

FBI employees and agents inappropriately searched foreign surveillance data for the last names of a state senator and a U.S. senator, said a court opinion that was released Friday.

The newly disclosed finding is included in the release of a 117-page order (pdf) declassified on July 16 by the federal judiciary’s foreign intelligence surveillance court in April—a rare move as that court generally issues rulings in secret.

In the court document, issued by Judge Rudolph Contreras, an unnamed FBI analyst in June 2022 conducted four separate searches of information that was collected via the warrantless surveillance program under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) “using the last names of a U.S. Senator and a state senator.” Their names were not disclosed in the unsealed ruling.

It also showed the FBI analyst possessed information that showed the lawmakers were being targeted by a foreign intelligence operation. However, according to the court filing, the Justice Department’s national security division reviewed their searches and found they didn’t meet the FBI’s internal standards.

Another FBI employee improperly queried the Social Security number of a state judge who alleged civil rights violations by a municipal chief of police, according to the opinion of the chief judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The judge’s Social Security number was accessed in October of last year, but the agency also found the analyst didn’t have enough evidence to be authorized to carry out the search.

In the case of the state judge, an FBI specialist searched a database using the Social Security number after the judge “had complained to FBI about alleged civil rights violations perpetrated by a municipal chief of police,” said the filing.

Other than names, the surveillance court opinion also did not disclose the states or party affiliations of the individuals whose names were searched by FBI staff. Few other details were provided, including that foreign entities were targeting the aforementioned officials.

The unnamed U.S. senator has been notified of the search. The state senator and state judge have not, an FBI official told news outlets.

Other Details

The total number of searches for Americans appears to have dropped, the filing said. Over a year-long period ending in March, the FBI ran about 180,000 searches of U.S. citizens and other American entities, the court said.

That’s well below the roughly 2 million searches reported just between December 2020 and February 2021, something the foreign surveillance judge wrote “should indicate less intrusion into the private communications of U.S. persons.”

But despite the FBI’s and Mr. Contreras’ assurances, the improper searches of the Section 702 surveillance collection program could imperil a push by the White House to have the tool reauthorized before it is scheduled to expire by the end of this year.

And in recent years, a growing number of Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, have called on the bureau to clean up its act—or be dismantled in its entirety—after what they have said are attempts by top FBI officials to target conservatives and Republican politicians, including Mr. Trump.

Both Republican and Democrat lawmakers have proposed reforms to the Section 702 program in order for it to be reauthorized. Earlier this year, House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told Politico that he wouldn’t support extending the tool unless changes are made, suggesting that it shouldn’t be re-authorized at all.

“We’re working on the kind of reforms we think need to happen, but frankly I think you should have to go get a warrant,” Mr. Jordan said.

The court’s opinion also noted that the FBI improperly used warrantless search powers against American citizens more than 278,000 times in the year ending in November 2021. That included individuals who were allegedly involved in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol breach, donors to a failed congressional candidate, and George Floyd-related demonstrators during the summer 2020 riots.

“Some violations of the querying standard coincided with failure to follow an FBI policy that requires prior Deputy Director approval to use ‘sensitive query terms’ — e.g. identifiers of domestic public officials, domestic political candidates, members of the news media, academics, and religious organizations or persons prominent within them,” the opinion said.

Right as the court ruling was released to the public, the FBI issued a statement that claimed the opinion “highlighted how the FBI’s remedial measures significantly improved its Section 702 query compliance.”

Friday’s release of Judge Contreras’s opinion “confirms the significant improvement in the FBI’s Section 702 querying compliance since the implementation of our substantial reforms,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray in a statement minutes after the disclosure. “Section 702 is critical in our fight against foreign adversaries.”

“We take seriously our role in protecting national security and we take just as seriously our responsibility to be good stewards of our Section 702 authorities. Compliance is an ongoing endeavor, and we recently announced new additional accountability measures. We will continue to focus on using our Section 702 authorities to protect American lives and keeping our Homeland safe, while safeguarding civil rights and liberties.”

Still getting away with their bad behavior!
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But if it’s against people you hate then it’s cool….right? That’s worked so well historically.
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The contractors were the opposite...Pedo Joe doesn't want this shipment....

Sound Of Freedom: FBI Finds 200 Sex Trafficking Victims, Including Children

While the pedo-loving propagandists at the once-great Rolling Stone and other major media outlets attacked the anti-child-trafficking film "Sound of Freedom," calling it a "QAnon-tinged thriller about child-trafficking" which is "designed to appeal to the conscience of a conspiracy-addled boomer" -- the FBI announced Tuesday it rescued more than 200 sex trafficking victims during a two-week nationwide operation in July.

Known as "Operation Cross Country," nearly every FBI field office was involved in the annual two-week operation that led to the arrest of 126 suspects of child sexual exploitation and human trafficking offenses, and 68 suspects of trafficking were identified or arrested.

The bureau and its local partners found 59 minor victims of child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation and another 59 children who had been reported missing.

"Human traffickers prey on the most vulnerable members of our society, and their crimes scar victims — many of them children — for life. The FBI's commitment to combatting this threat will never waver, and we will continue to send our message that these atrocities will not be tolerated," FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a statement.

"Sex traffickers exploit and endanger some of the most vulnerable members of our society and cause their victims unimaginable harm," Attorney General Merrick B. Garland said

Garland continued, "This operation, which located 59 actively missing children, builds on the tremendous work the FBI has undertaken over many years to rescue minor victims and arrest those responsible for these unspeakable crimes. We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners across the country to prevent human trafficking; increase detection, investigation and prosecution of human trafficking crimes; and expand support and services to protect and empower survivors."

The FBI worked with a child protection organization, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and concentrated efforts on "identifying and locating victims of sex trafficking and investigating and arresting individuals and criminal enterprises involved in both child sex and human trafficking."

While the operation was underway, Jim Caviezel's anti-child-trafficking Sound of Freedom film was released nationwide on theater screens and became a summer blockbuster. However, a chorus of mainstream hit pieces denounced it as a "QAnon" conspiracy flick.

Even Bloomberg.

We should be grateful for the people who made the film and put a spotlight on the unspoken truth of child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. We should be asking why the mainstream corporate press made a concerted effort to play down the issue.

Epstein didn't kill himself!

Art imitating Life.
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FBI Official Involved In Trump-Russia Hoax To Plead Guilty To -- Conspiring With Russia

An ex-FBI agent who led the agency's New York counterintelligence division and played a key role in the Trump-Russia collusion probe - will plead guilty to charges of colluding with Russia himself, a federal judge suggested in a Monday order reported by the Washington Times.

Charles McGonigal was arrested in January and charged with violating US sanctions on Russia by taking secret payments from a Russian oligarch, Oleg V. Deripaska, to investigate a rival oligarch.

"The court has been informed that defendant Charles McGonigal may wish to enter a change of plea," wrote Judge Jennifer Reardon in a brief order in which she also scheduled a hearing for Aug. 15.

McGonigal initially pleaded not guilty on four corruption charges - including conspiring to evade U.S. sanctions, money laundering, conspiring to commit money laundering and conspiring to violate federal law against doing business with sanctioned individuals. Each count carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

During his days in counterintelligence, McGonigal was responsible for supervising and participating in investigations of Russian oligarchs, including Deripaska.

The indictment unsealed in Federal District Court in Manhattan on Monday charges the former F.B.I. official, Mr. McGonigal, with one count of violating U.S. sanctions, one count of money laundering and two conspiracy counts. -NY Times

Federal prosecutors have filed two separate indictments against McGonigal - one in New York and one in Washington - over the bribes.

There is no indication that he will change his plea in Washington, per the report.

Mr. McGonigal made at least $25,000 as an investigator for the law firm before directly working for Mr. Deripaska. He received an initial payment of $51,000 and then payments of $41,790 each month for three months from August 2021 to November 2021, the indictment said.

Prosecutors said Mr. McGonigal concealed his ties to the Russian oligarch by telling friends he was working for a “rich Russian guy” and stressed that his work was legal. In conversations about Mr. Deripaska, he would try to keep his employer’s identity a secret by referring to him as “the big guy” and “you know whom.” -Washington Times

See the pattern yet?


You have to be retarded not to by now.
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Hate, anger and dissonance are the current causation of blindness
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FROM 2012-2018)...


F**K THE F.B.I....
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I dunno Jonsie, state dept isn’t anyone to scoff at for their *ahem* behavior.
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The Benghazi boyeees just put you in harm's way then abandon you...
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Can you imagine being a good citizen in these organizations?
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ZRX1200 wrote:
Can you imagine being a good citizen in these organizations?

Which is why I say they don't exist.

If they really did, they would be pouring out and exposing all of the bad actors. They keep them in power only to "shampoo, rinse, repeat".

America needs to destroy the alphabet orgs that are costing us trillions of dollars.
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