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Cigars International
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I am having an issue with Cigars International. They have shipped product to the wrong address, not once, but twice. A condescending customer service rep then tells me that it is my fault and I have to have the cigars returned or I am out of $100. I no there are cheaper places, but I used them for emergency fill-ins, Guess all of us should keep away.
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Used to be that CI and CBID (mostly?) made up for lousy warehousing and distribution with stellar customer service.
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This is why I keep screenshots of key pages in the ordering sequence, for each order, and I don't discard them until the entire process is complete and I have product in-hand and have verified that the proper amount was charged to my card. Actually I usually keep them all for at least a year before deleting them, just to be sure.

That way, when this kind of thing happens, you email them a screenshot of your browser that clearly shows your correct address in their address field of their order form. This proves the fault IS NOT yours, it's theirs.

No, I DID NOT enter 125 Oak Street, I entered 123 Oak Street, as seen in this screenshot. No, I DID NOT agree to pay $157 on my credit card, I only agreed to pay $102, as seen in this screenshot. No, I DID NOT have this item you sent me on my order, as seen in this screenshot of my order summary where it's not shown. Etc.

This practice has come in handy on a number of occasions when stuff like this happens.
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Prolly way easier to order from the mb3 place...
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Agree lately CI has been lackluster lately. Try out Amos Oak Chop or Jerry Rosen ...
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So, did you set the tone with your initial phone call?

"Hello... let me speak to the idiot in charge!"

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