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How to Bid

Auction Format Auctions use the "Yankee Auction" format. In a Yankee Auction, one or more identical items are offered for sale at the same time. When the auction closes, the highest bidders win the merchandise at their bid price.


In order to maximize your enjoyment of and your chance of winning, here's a quick overview of how bidding works. You'll have an opportunity to register when you place your first bid, but we recommend registering now.

If you want to register now, go to the Registration page.

How to Bid

  1. Choose the item that interests you and click on it for more details and pictures.
  2. Enter your bidding Username and Password when you are ready to bid.
  3. Place your bid by entering the amount of your bid (the amount you are willing to pay for the product) in the appropriate field . The default value in the text field will be the minimum bid necessary to win at least one quantity of the lot. The system will not permit you to submit a losing bid.
  4. If necessary, enter the quantity you would like to bid on. Please note that your total bid is your bid price times the quantity you requested.
  5. Submit bid. Be sure to check back often to see if you have been outbid. When you are outbid by someone else, you can raise your bid and continue as often as you like. There is no charge to place a bid. Winners are notified by email when each auction closes.
  6. You may also select the optional Auto-Bid feature to instruct the system to update your bids automatically to increase your chances of winning (see Optional Bidding Features below).
  7. If you have already bid on a lot and would like to update your bid, i.e., change the bid price or quantity, you may do so by adhering to the conditions in Optional Bidding Features.

Rules for Winning Bid Determination

  1. A bidder with a higher Max Bid takes top priority over other bidders at the same bid price.
  2. An earlier bid will beat a later bid of the same price only if they have the same Max Bid.
  3. Users have the option to edit their bids to increase the price or change the quantity (see rules for editing bids.)
  4. If a user's bid is updated during the 15 minute "grace period" or automatically increased using the Max Bid feature, the bid is still considered to be from the date/time of the original bid. Thus, that bidder will still beat a later bid of the same price. In other words, updating a winning bid does not affect its status as an earlier bid.
  5. Per "Yankee Auction" guidelines, winning bidders are charged the amount of their final winning bid multiplied by the number of units won plus shipping charges (see Shipping Savings Program for more detail.)

Good Luck!

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