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Optional Bidding Features

Max Bid (Auto-Bid)

  • By selecting the Auto-Bid feature, when you’re outbid the auction system will automatically bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid. We increase your bid by the defined lot increment only as much as necessary to maintain your position as winning bidder.
  • To use this feature, enter the maximum bid you are willing to make on this lot. The maximum bid must be at least one bid increment greater than your initial bid.
  • Please note that if auto-bid is activated, the bid will be raised for your entire bid quantity. However, once you have reached your maximum bid, you may win a partial quantity. You will not lose the lot until your entire quantity selected has been outbid.

Free Fall Auction

The Free Fall Auction is the newest feature on Here’s how it works:

  • Unlike other auctions where the price is driven up by bids, the Free Fall Price is driven down by us and you decide what you are willing to pay. Free Fall Auctions allow you to purchase an item at a discounted price, eliminating the bidding process.
  • Free Fall Auctions begin at a set starting price. Upon lot opening, the price will start to rapidly fall right in front of you eyes. By clicking the “Buy Now” button you are agreeing to purchase the item at the price stated at the time of your click.
  • Once a bidder makes a purchase, or we decide the price has fallen too low the price will reset to the starting price.
  • If by chance, someone else bought the item seconds before your click you will be notified that the Free Fall Price is resetting.
  • All purchases are limited to a quantity of two. If you would like to purchase more than two, simply hang around and wait for the price to fall again. Don't wait too long, quantity available is not disclosed so you never know when the last unit is up for grabs.
  • Free Fall Auctions close at the listed close time or when all items have been sold. Whichever comes first.
  • Items purchased with Free Fall are processed into orders according to the time the purchase was made, not according to lot close time as QuickBuys do. This means that for daily shippers, the order for won Free Falls will be created the next day, and for weekly shippers, the order will be created with your next weekly shipment.


  • QuickBuy allows you to purchase an item at a discounted price, eliminating the bidding process.
  • QuickBuy may not be available for the duration of the lot.
  • All QuickBuy purchases are final and cannot be edited.
  • A QuickBuy can be used to outbid another user, reducing the quantity available.
  • QuickBuy purchases are shipped according to your selected shipping preferences.
  • QuickBuy purchases are not shipped immediately. All QuickBuy purchases are sent after the auction closes.
    • If you have selected daily shipping, QuickBuy purchases are processed into orders the day after the lot closes.
    • If you have selected weekly shipping, QuickBuy purchases are processed into orders on your next weekly shipping day after the close of the lot.

Editing Bids

  • Bid modifications can be made to current bid, quantity, and auto-bid.
  • Bid price, bid quantity and maximum bid can be increased at any time.
  • Bids cannot be deleted. See the Order Cancellation Policy for further details.
  • A QuickBuy cannot be edited or deleted.

Bid Comment

  • Comments are intended for entertainment purposes only, and do not affect the actual processing of your order.
  • Please use common sense when adding a comment, and refrain from the use of profanity, advertising, or references to other individuals, companies, or websites.
  • Any comment deemed unsuitable by the CigarBid staff may be removed.
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