5 Vegas

5 Vegas Cigars are far from your everyday, run-of-the-mill handmades. These masterfully crafted cigars showcase the more than 100 years of tradition and spirit of Old School Cuba with a modern twist to provide the perfect everyday cigar for today’s cigar enthusiast. The 5 Vegas Classic was the start of it all for 5 Vegas. A delicious medium-bodied blend for two decades, 5 Vegas Classic is the highest-rated non-Cuban cigar in a blind taste test. 5 Vegas Gold is a smoother blend of 5-year-aged long-filler tobaccos that deliver tasty notes of toast, nuts, and a natural sweetness. No matter which 5 Vegas cigar you go for, you'll get exceptional construction and flavor at a price point that will keep you and your wallet happy. 

5 Vegas Classic Mega-Sampler  20 CigarsQuickview5 Vegas Classic Mega-Sampler 20 Cigars
Units Available: 2Bid to Win: $1.00Closes In: View Lot  Add to Lot Watch
5 Vegas Double-Wide Mega-Sampler  20 CigarsQuickview5 Vegas Double-Wide Mega-Sampler 20 Cigars
Units Available: 3Bid to Win: $11.50QuickBuy Price: $59.99Closes In: View Lot  Add to Lot Watch