Don Pepin Garcia

If I had a dollar for every time Don Pepin released another top-notch blend, I’d be sitting pretty on a warm beach with a bundle of these premium delights. Master blender Jose Pepin Garcia of Don Pepin has established himself as one of the most famous names in boutique cigar brands, and is responsible for crafting some of the absolute finest, highest-quality cigars you can currently get your hands on. With an extensive portfolio of handmade medium to full-bodied blends Don Pepin Garcia is a surefire bet with every one of his cigars. 

Don Pepin is also the man behind the My Father Cigars series, which has numerous 95+ ratings and two #1 Cigar of the Year awards. Don Pepin Garcia has always had his own line, though, and that’s what these blends represent. Cuban Classic is a full-bodied Nicaraguan that can compete with cigars three times the price. DPG Blue is a 93-rated blend of pure Nicaraguan tobaccos that packs a hell of a punch. Once you delve into the quality blends of Don Pepin, you'll be sure to make his cigars a staple in your humidor.