San Cristobal

Blended by renowned cigar roller Jose Pepin Garcia, and manufactured by Ashton cigars, San Cristobal cigars are no doubt quality premiums. Debuted by the duo in 2007, San Cristobal is handcrafted with perfectly aged long-fillers and covered in a variety of appealing wrappers. Since then, the San Cristobal line has extended to a wide selection of full-bodied premiums. From the masterfully blended San Cristobal Elegancia that's well-balanced with oak, pepper, earth, coffee and cream notes to the medium-bodied Ovation richly flavored with spice, pepper, coffee, chocolate, earth, and wood, each San Cristobal cigar is flavorful and satisfying.

San Cristobal 60-Ring Assortment  6 CigarsQuickviewSan Cristobal 60-Ring Assortment 6 Cigars
Units Available: 2Bid to Win: $50.00Closes In: View Lot  Add to Lot Watch
San Cristobal Paradise Assortment  5 CigarsQuickviewSan Cristobal Paradise Assortment 5 Cigars
Units Available: 1Bid to Win: $54.00Closes In: View Lot  Add to Lot Watch